Command-Line Options

Additionally to the default py.test command-line options, goodplay provides the following options for goodplay and py.test executables, which can be seen by passing --help:

goodplay --help


By default goodplay creates a temporary directory for installing dependent roles and ensures that has highest precedence when resolving Ansible roles. This is done to ensure your test run doesn’t interfere with other roles in your Ansible roles path.

There might be cases where you want to disable this default behavior, and give the configured Ansible roles path highest precedence, e.g.:

  1. When you’re developing multiple Ansible roles at once and you want to test-run them together.
  2. When you cannot use Ansible Galaxy’s dependency resolution due to Ansible roles being stored in a non-supported location, e.g. non-supported version control system.

When running with --use-local-roles switch, please ensure you have either ANSIBLE_ROLES_PATH environment variable set, or roles_path configured in your ansible.cfg.

Debugging output

As mentioned in the beginning, goodplay supports py.test command-line options. To see the details output of all Ansible tasks you can pass -v and -s to goodplay:

goodplay -v -s